Timbitas – Cuban Tapas

Papa Rellena con Picadillo – 3.99

Mashed potato ball stuffed with seasoned ground beef fried to a golden brown.

Croqueta de Jamón

Ham Croquette – 1.25 each or Five Ham Croquettes for 5

Tamal Cubano de Maiz Criollo Tierno – 5.99

con trocitos de carne de cerdo cubierto con una salsa cremosa de cilantro

Cuban tamale made with fresh corn filled with pork bits.

Topped with a creamy cilantro sauce.

Chorizo Español con Queso Spanish Sausage with Cheese – 7.99

Slices of Spanish sausage with melted Swiss cheese. 

Garnished with tomato slices and served with toasted Cuban bread.

Gambas al Ajillo – 10.95

Shrimp sautéed in olive oil, lemon, spices and fresh garlic.  Served with toasted Cuban bread.

Chicharrones de Puerco con Yuca Frita 8.99

Pork Rinds with fried cassava.

Camarones al Oriente – 7.99

Two fried green plantains topped with creole sauce, seasoned shrimp, and melted mozzarella cheese.

Tostones Rellenos Stuffed Fried Green Plantains

con Ropa Vieja/with Shredded Flank Steak – 10.99

con Picadillo/with Seasoned Ground Beef – 9.99

Empanadas Turnovers – 3.99 each or Any three turnovers for 9.99

Pollo/Chicken – Beef/Carne – Vegetariana/Vegetarian

Guayaba y Queso Crema/Guava and Cream Cheese

Sopas/Soups – Served with White Rice

Sopa de Pollo a la Cubana – Chicken Soup with diced vegetables and noodles – 8.99

Sopa de Frijoles Negros a la Cubana – 8.99

Cuban Black Bean Soup topped with raw diced Spanish onions

Sopa de Pescado o Sopa de Camarones – 11.99

Fish or Shrimp Soup with diced vegetables and noodles