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by Joaquin Cabrejas

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“Truthful Facts about Cuba’s Two Exiles” tells a concise history of Cuba with statistical detailed information about her two glorious exiles and her years as a Republic and the nefarious consequences of implanting a communist dictatorship in the Island nation. The book reveals the story of the nationalists movement in the middle of the nineteen century and the heroic efforts of the Mambises army in their two major wars against Spain. The book accentuates the important role of Oriente province in that she was the catalysts of both wars. The book explains how the Mambises and the exile community in KeyWest had to overcome the efforts of the ARA Movement (as the writer calls them) to either annex Cuba to the United States, accept the autonomy concessions of Spain or follow the reformers path which was the continuation of slavery. “Truthful Facts” shows how the Mambises had two-thirds of Cuba occupied by defeating the Spanish army in major battles throughout the Island, destroying and burning Spanish and American properties, and that Prime Minister Sagastes and Queen Maria Cristina, accepted the fact that Cuba “was lost.” The book gives evidence as to how Spanish plotters in the Island induced the sinking of the “Maine” in order to get the United States involved in the war to protect the remnants of the Spanish and American business. “Truthful Facts” indicates how the legalization of the Communist Party in 1925 was the lightning rod that propelled the social upheavals in the nation. “Truthful Facts” reveals the truth and debunks the lies and innuendos about Cuba’s true economic standing among Latin American nations at the time of the downfall of the Republic. The book shows how Cuba had become the most prosperous country in Latin America in 1957 and erases the leftist lies and assumptions about Cuba being a backward nation.