Los platos fuertes se sirven con Arroz Blanco y Frijoles Negros, Moros y Cristianos o Arroz Amarillo

Main Entrées are served with your choice of White Rice and Black Beans,  Moros y Cristianos (mixed white rice & black beans) or Yellow Rice.

Puerco y Carne – Pork and Beef

Lechón Asado Mambi – Roasted Leg of Pork seasoned and marinated with orange bitters, lemon, onions, cumin, and garlic – 14.99

Montuno Cubano – Sensational Cuban stir-fried pork with onions, green olives, red peppers and green peppers – 14.99

Masas de Cerdo Fritas – Marinated pork chunks fried slowly to keep the meat tender and juicy – 14.99

BarbeCuban Pork or Chicken – Shredded Pork or Chicken sautéed in a guava-rum BarbeCuban sauce 14.99

Picadillo a la Cubana – Seasoned ground meats cooked with tomatoes, peppers, onions, garlic, bay leaves, raisins, green olives, and wine – 12.99

Vaca Frita – This delicious flank steak literally meaning “fried cow” is shredded into thin filaments. These in turn, are marinated and pan-fried with onions and garlic until crisp – 15.99

Bistec Empanizado – Marinated and seasoned breaded steak fried to a golden brown – 15.99

Ropa Vieja – “Old Rags” – This savory shredded flank steak earns its name because it is cooked until the meat falls apart and then sautéed with onions, garlic, red peppers, green peppers and tomato sauce – 15.99

Churrasco – Cuban Style Skirt Steak marinated with the tang of citrus, spices, garlic, fresh parsley, grilled to perfection! – 15.99

Juantanamera – Our Cuban Style Churrasco stuffed with seasoned mashed cassava with pork bits – 15.99