Cozy Cuban

A cozy and friendly place - one of the most authentic and recognized Cuban restaurants in the world. Its succulent Cuban dishes and colorful cocktails are a lot like those of the Cuban landscape. Cuban Corner provides its guests with a sense of being placed in their own home where servers, chefs and owners can talk intimately with patrons and even customize their own dishes. But what is Cuba but an “open pan on a tropical fire?” In fact, Cuban cuisine is a reflection of various culinary influences. From the native aborigines, we received corn, potatoes, sweet potatoes, yucca and pepper.

Dedication & Passion

Although there are many Cuban restaurants in America, Cuban Corner is unique. It began as a small business with an intimate atmosphere. The owners created this restaurant with passion and hard work to achieve their dream. This restaurant is the result of the efforts and support of our friends and patrons that recognize the authenticity of the food with Cuban Corner. The dedication and passion of the founders, Joaquin Cabrejas and his wife Isabel Cabrejas, a native of El Salvador, today yield the fruits of their efforts by offering traditional Cuban food at affordable prices. Cuban Corner represents and reflects a culture of tradition combining Cuban culture, symbols, names and wall décor with paintings that reflect our history as well as recent times.

World-class Cuban

Cuban Corner is a world-class dining experience. From the native aborigines, comes corn, potatoes, sweet potatoes, yucca and pepper. Later, the Spaniards brought with them pumpkins, turnips, fresh beef and salted meats. Next, Africans contributed bananas, plantains, and their cooking techniques with those from Asia. These techniques included mysterious spices from the East, along with Asian-style fried rice and soups. When French culinary influences appeared, we benefited from their profound sense of flavors, tastes and French coffees. Finally, We do not forget the American influence for their mechanical and technological innovations that helped simplify the cooking process, preserve foods and promote brand names and products that are familiar to so many.